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Tracheal Collapse

  Background Tracheal collapse is a chronic and progressive condition which can become life-threatening. The trachea is a tube-like structure which directs air from the mouth towards the lungs. Normally, this tube is held open by firm rings of cartilage, but with tracheal collapse these cartilage rings become weak. The weakened cartilage begins to sag […]

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Sialocele (Salivary Mucocele)

Sialocele is defined as the accumulation of saliva in the tissue due to leakage from a salivary gland or salivary duct. This condition is rare and occurs in less than 5/1,000 dogs. The condition is most common in young dogs, 2-4 years of age. It occurs more commonly in German Shepherds and Miniature Poodles. It […]

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Cystotomy and Scrotal Urethrostomy

Cystic calculi, also called bladder stones or uroliths, are commonly seen in both dogs and cats. There are four predominant types of bladder stones: struvite, calcium oxalate, purine, and urate. Between 5-15% of bladder stones are mixed composition. Treatment options and risk factors depend on the type of stone present, therefore each bladder stone is […]

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